Monday, October 14, 2013

IFC Residence Pudong Shanghai

We obviously camped out in Shanghai this past week.  We stayed at the ifc Residence, one of the new corporate apartment complexes in the Pudong area. 
You would be very clever and very correct if you gathered that it was located right next to the ifc mall.
 To be specific, it is located next to the glitziest Louis Vuitton ever.
This entire mall complex and elevated walkway did not exist when I lived in Pudong last time.  Granted, that was six years ago... but still. This huge building (rumored to be 108 floors when complete) was not here then either.
Jinmao is on the left, another skyscraper is behind it, and then the one one the right is new
No joke when they say things change quickly in China.

The amenities in the ifc residences are really, really nice (the gym and pool are especially nice perks):

Entrance to the gym
A really lovely pool (no deep end though) and hot tub
I love the tapestry and chandeliers in the lobby:

The hallways are a bit dim, but still really nice.
Our room had brand new televisions, a washer dryer and a dishwasher (a dishwasher!  I could kiss it).

The only incongruous element was the level of service.  The wait staff and front desk are a little clueless at times.  When I first showed up and asked for a second key so I could go up to my room, they appeared not to understand and instead called Michael in the room and said "A lady is downstairs for you.  Do you want to come down and pick her up?" This left a rather bad taste in my mouth.  What am I, a concubine?

We stayed here for a week and after seven days they still weren't clear on exactly who was staying here.  When our in-room wireless signal disappeared it took two hours to convince them to send someone to come up and check it out.  The cleaning crew doesn't so much clean as try to hide the remnants of dirt - sweep it under the carpet literally, you could say.  Other than these points, this was a really luxurious and wonderful place to stay.  Missing it already...

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