Thursday, October 10, 2013

Tangyun Qinfeng (唐韵秦风) - A Taste of Shaanxi Cuisine

We went to check out this local restaurant (with three branches in Shanghai) on Monday night.  TangyunQingFeng specializes in Xian food - it adheres to tradition so much that it does not even offer rice on the menu.  Northern Chinese cuisine is all about noodles and dumplings - what we call "flour based foods" in my family.

It was incredibly cheap, warm, filling and tasty.

Lamb soup with cilantro, vermicelli and wood ear mushroom: 
  Pickled cabbage:
 Roujiamo - minced beef in a toasted bun:
 Youpomian - oil and chili splashed over hand pulled noodles (my favorite!)

 This is how it looked after you mixed it up.  The noodles were an amazing thickness and consistency.
Pork and celery wontons in a slightly spicy and sour soup:

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