Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekend Activities

This weekend was a fun and relatively active one, even though the rain was ceaseless and I broke into strings of unrepeatable expletives when the skies opened with vehemence and thunder and lightning roiled as soon as I stepped onto my roof deck.

On Saturday morning, I trudged through the downpour to a baby shower at Another Fine Day on Peel Street, a really cute tea shop that recently opened its second branch in the Midlevels.  They have a gentlemen's tea set (savory) and a lady's tea set (sweet), the categories to which I take exception because I am much more keen on savory than sweet despite being a lady.  But the decorations were so cute and whimsical that I forgive them.

On Saturday afternoon, I checked out my friend's SweetP launch party at Common Room.  Her company organizes do-it-yourself events for parties and events.  The launch party was really fun and was clearly a very well organized and well-sponsored event, with Garrett popcorn, jewelry stands, paper and crafts booths, and a picture frame DIY bar for Father's Day.  I made my dad two picture frames.  I think they came out well, even though judging by the foam stickies and the pastel colors, the frames were really meant to be done by little kids.  The BEST part was, though, that I won a free manicure from the newly opened (and very beautifully designed) Nail Library in Sheung Wan!  That made my afternoon.  I love winning things!

On Saturday night, we went with some friends to Tai Hang, the neighborhood just south of Tin Hau, for dinner at a Chiu Chow style hotpot restaurant.  I could barely conceal my delight.  It was very seafood heavy - bring on the massive clams and the razor clams!!  The crab in tomato broth was also fantastic.  I couldn't get over how fresh the crab was - and very very heavy on the crab roe. Yum!

Then we rounded off dinner with a stop at The Lab, an ice cream shop around the corner that uses liquid nitrogen to make its ice cream.  I got the purple sticky rice flavor - it was tasty, but I'd say the whole operation is more flash than substance.  But I also have a new rule to never say no to ice cream.

Hope everyone had a lovely Father's Day! 

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