Saturday, June 1, 2013

Wandering Around Paris

Lush gardens at the Louvre
Below are some more pictures from our explorations on our first day in Paris:

The Sorbonne in the Latin Quarter, Paris' oldest university, dating back to the 13th century (!)

Bikes for rent outside the Sorbonne
I felt the need to pose outside of the Musee de Cluny, museum of the Middle Ages
Michael studying the door outside Musee de Cluny, which was way short
French balconies everywhere.  I understand the genesis of the name...
After a generous breakfast of coffee, tea, fruit, yogurt, bread, cheese and meats, we started our second day in Paris at the Musee l'Orangerie, where we soaked up Les Nympheas, Monet's gorgeous watercolor and willow tree paintings that provide a nearly 360 view and take up two oval shaped rooms.  Couldn't take pictures though -- and I doubt I could have really done the effect justice.

Paris in bloom, before it started to pour...
Approaching the Louvre
The astronomical line though...
kept going, and going
and going
and going?!
Scratch the Louvre!  I did an impromptu rendition of something musical in front of the fountain and then we headed to a warm, dry cafe instead, to sip espressos / feign sophistication.

In the afternoon, and after a nutella crepe, we headed to Sacred Heart in Montmartre.
Lest you be mistaken - it is a climb!

getting closer...
almost there...
for the stunning view from the top.
at night, the cutest little theater near our hotel
Parting thought?
How fitting that there is a separate boulangerie section in McDonald's

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