Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sightseeing Taiwan

On my second day in Taiwan, my mom and I strolled the 228 Peace Memorial Park. 

"Two twenty eight" refers to February 28, 1947, when the Kuomintang Army brutally suppressed an anti-government uprising. It marked the beginning of the "white terror" movement in Taiwan.

Basically, a lot of local Taiwanese were killed or imprisoned by the Nationalist Chinese over differences about how to run the country in the transition from Japanese rule. This is the origin of Taiwan's movement for independence. It is also the heart of why a lot of local Taiwanese hold a grudge against the individuals originally from the mainland, or the "outer province" people.

We then went to a pipa concert at the National Recital Hall. The pipa is a traditional Chinese instrument that is pear shaped and apparently has been played forever (like two thousand years give or take).  The concert hall and national theater are beautiful buildings.
National Theater

Chiang Kai Shek memorial
Freedom Plaza

We then embarked on a really fun little food tour that took us through the streets of Taipei. Everything was so tasty that I didn't even mind the pouring rain and my soggy wet shoes.

famous "mian xian", with basil and

Famous beef "old shop"

"Golden" beef and tendon noodle soup

wet market!

 We went to the Raohe Street nightmarket, which is not as famous or as sprawling as the Shilin night market.  But I'd never been before and found it quite fun nonetheless.

curried-and-salted corn on the cob

medicinal herbs and pork soup

sidewalk hot pot bar
stinky tofu with sweet preserved cabbage

Farewell, Taiwan!  Until next time.

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