Friday, June 14, 2013

Tuen Ng Festival

Wednesday was Tuen Ng Festival, or Dragon Boat Festival, in Hong Kong.  It's a public holiday where people watch the dragon boat competitions and eat zongzi, or sticky rice wrapped around all kinds of meats and vegetables, packed in bamboo leaves.  There are sweet and savory types, and they vary in size and shape and string color.  Rather than eating zongzi, however, I made some olive oil cake.  I forget how satisfying it is to bake, and having time in the middle of the week to bake seems indulgent. 

I kind of knew I should go and watch the dragon boating activities, having missed it last year as well, but lost heart around 11 AM when it still looked gray and drizzly out, and my perch on the window seat felt too good to give up. 

I spent the day intermittently reading (I'm currently reading a book that makes my jaw drop in awe at his creative use of metaphors, syntax and diction -- it's taking me longer to read because I'll often finish a sentence and re-read it, savoring its lyricism), knitting (I am a very poor knitter but that doesn't really stop me -- I have about 20 rows going right now for a very large purple coaster) and puttering around on the new roof deck (pictures to come soon).

For dinner, we went with another couple to Din Tai Fung in Causeway Bay  to eat their tasty soup dumplings and beef noodles. The restaurant is very clean (I think the preparation of the soup dumplings is akin to a factory, with everyone clothed in caps and face masks) and precise - every dumpling is weighed so that it's nearly identical!  I think the branch in Hong Kong is just as good as the one in Taipei.

Yesterday, back at work, my mind was completely confused.  I keep thinking it was Monday, when in reality it was Thursday.  And today, I keep thinking it's the middle of the week, when it's really Friday and I have the weekend again!  I can't decide if I like mid-week holidays...

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