Sunday, June 16, 2013

Inakaya, or Sushi On Top of The City

The whole point of going to Inakaya, a sushi and teppanyaki restaurant on the 101st floor of the ICC building in Kowloon, is the view.  I mean, the food is good - the sushi quite light and lovely - but let's face it, it's definitely the real estate that warrants these prices.

So how sad is it that this was the view on Friday when I went for lunch?  Some vague blurry shapes in the water, which were the oil rigs and junk boats.  You can't even see the other side of the harbor, much less the striking skyline that makes Hong Kong Island so fabulous.  Weather really, really needs to improve in Hong Kong.

This is what it should have looked like...

image courtesy of Tripadvisor

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