Friday, June 21, 2013

The Rooftop and Vegetable Garden

For the first day of summer, thought it'd be fitting to post about the roof deck and my new vegetable garden.  They are quickly becoming our pride and joy.
Stairwell and entrance to roof deck and the sink / storage area
We've also finally gotten the chairs and tables and various plants and flowers sorted out.  I really love it up there right now.
I'm a sucker for white flowers, and this plant can bloom.

I just worked with a local farm and company here in Hong Kong, Time to Grow, to plant some vegetable seedlings on the roof deck.  It is really nice for the vegetables and plants that Hong Kong has been super sunny since the beginning of the week.

I hope my vegetables continue to flourish and eventually bear fruit.  There is something so exciting and so rewarding about little vegetable seedlings!

Already I think my eggplant has grown two new leaves and half an inch.  My chocolate pepper has probably grown an inch since I've gotten it.  My pumpkin seedlings, which were barely two inches tall, are now about five or six inches tall!  And this is just progress over one week.  The only one that perished in the transplanting was my chili pepper (you can see its carcass next to the chocolate pepper in the last picture), which I'm hoping will soon be replaced. 

The black beauty eggplant

The sweet bell peppers - what color will they be?

Thai basil

Japanese pumpkin

Chocolate pepper (spicy)
The views from the roof deck are decidedly urban:

But there is a sweet little park and playground directly adjacent to us:

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