Monday, November 7, 2016

Weekend Recap and A Brighter Monday

Well, after that sad sack post over the weekend, I am very happy to report that I am in significantly better spirits come this Monday morning - which is rather shocking, given that Sunday nights and Monday mornings are probably my least favorite days of the week, and that my prescribed medication from Friday seems to have a more negative impact on my constitution than my sickness itself.

The key factors leading to the significant mood uptick seems to be a good massage, some fun activities on Saturday night, sleep, and an entire Sunday afternoon huddled under the covers with a good book. 

On Saturday, I went with a few girlfriends to check out a music/dance party at Djibouti in Wan Chai, a hidden bar that is kind of funky and eclectic.
 The lighting was all purple-y and they had a big bar with stools lining the counters.  The bar is open air and spills out into the alleyway outside.  But my favorite part is the little nook, lined with super comfy chairs and sofas, a green brick wall, and beautiful wallpaper.  They also have a thing for Andy Warhol banana pillows.  I wasn't so into that, but I loved pretty much everything else.

Following that adventure, Michael and I found ourselves bowling at the South China Athletic Association in Causeway Bay.  Talk about good clean fun on a Saturday night.   
The SCAA is the epitome of an old school organization, but there is something incredibly charming and lovable (to me) about its scruffy, old exterior and interior.  They have a whole complex of activities, including bowling lanes, but also pool tables, swimming pool, golf driving range (and now a golf simulator), table tennis and... a shooting range.  Yep.  

We met at the Inside Out bar on the second floor (which has a nice view over the golf driving range) before heading to the bowling lanes to battle it out in some friendly competition.
 This is the view from Inside Out Bar.
I think we can fairly say that Michael was the best bowler and that I was the most inconsistent, which really helped us win our friendly little match-up.  By the third game, I was throwing double gutter balls followed by strikes and spares.  It also took me a while to understand what it means to "follow through"... Methinks there is room for improvement in there, but at least I can say without doubt that it was really fun and I am already thinking about our next bowling activity (incidentally, this upcoming Friday at a tiki lounge in Sai Kung)!  Clearly we are in a bowling phase.

On Sunday, I had a very relaxing day, consisting of nothing more than drinking a lot of hot beverages, gorging on fruit and candy, and curled up in bed, while speed-reading through JoJo Moyes' latest novel, "Sheltering Rain."  It was very indulgent and I would have it no other way.

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