Friday, November 11, 2016

Awash in All Kinds of Feelings

I couldn't take my eyes away from my CNN stream on Wednesday morning here, and then by Wednesday afternoon I was pretty much doing everything I could to avoid mainstream media. 

Having not lived in the country for nearly five years, and having always lived in very diverse, metropolitan urban centers in the United States (case in point: Chicago is the least diverse and most racially divided of all of the places I have lived...), I don't feel qualified to say much about what has just occurred in the United States (and frankly, what is there left to say). 

Never have I felt more isolated and estranged, never have I felt my footsteps more out of beat with the rest of my countrymen and women, than in these days after the election. 

Brexit, then Trump.  What is this world that we are bequeathing to our children?  I woke up this morning and thought, the president of the United States starred in his own reality tv show. 

My heart hurts.  And I am never reading another effin' poll in my life.

Wednesday night scene at the American Club: food and alcohol, because what else to do?

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