Tuesday, November 1, 2016

A Fun (And Challenging!) Evening of Wine Tasting

Last Friday we went to the lovely apartment of one of Michael's friends, where a whole bunch of us nibbled on cheese and cured meats, chips, crackers pizza, and proceeded to try to guess the grape (varietal), country and price of each wine we tasted.

There were 10 wines in total,  5 red and 5 white.  All of the bottles were hidden in the kitchen until the end of the tasting - we did one reveal after the 5 whites and the one reveal after the 5 reds.

It was really hard!  But also pretty fun, and maybe made the drinking a little more rewarding,  because you couldn't just sip it like a normal person, no no, you had to really think about tannins and mouthfeel and how adjectives like buttery and crispy translate into actual texture and taste in liquid form.

Their apartment was a rarity in Hong Kong, located on the ground floor with high ceilings and a carpark space right out front, which made it feel more like a house and less like a flat.

Even better than the location and situation, though, was how they decorated it.  Love.

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