Sunday, November 13, 2016

Friday Night Fun at TikiTiki Bowling Bar in Sai Kung

Continuing our bowling streak, we went to the TikiTiki bowling bar in Sai Kung on Friday night.  It took us so long to get there - nearly an hour - and on the way, Michael and I kept shaking our heads in disbelief that we were only traveling 10 miles.  In the tight, compact city center where most of our lives revolve, venturing out 10 miles feels like an arduous trek of the highest order.

 The decor is a little bit kitschy, but if you go in the right spirit, it is kind of fun.  Neon lights, mood lighting, and lots of teak wood and Balinese accents give the whole place a tropical lounge feel, like a luau.

 They also have an outdoor deck (not pictured).

For serious bowlers, though, the flashing screens and music videos, as well as the neon lighting on the pins, are probably too distracting.  The lanes are also so dark that you can't see any of the arrow markers.
 The food is decent pub food (calamari, wings, quesadillas, burgers).   I love the wood serving bowls.
 We had a great time playing in teams, mixing and matching up the couples and having a friendly competition going.  I am proud to say that I have improved significantly since my last game at the SCAA - this time around, I broke 100 points both games!  I put up a 111 in my first game (incidentally, a perfect score for Singles Day, a national holiday in China for single people, because it is 11/11) and then a 102 in my second.  I know those aren't anywhere near the perfect score of 300, but those are the highest scores I've ever put on a bowling scorecard, so count me a happy hitter.
 On the way home, one of the other couples was gracious enough to give us a ride in their convertible, so we got our first experience zooming through Hong Kong with the top down.  The weather has been very mild here despite the fact that we are mid-way into November.  With the car open, I felt much more exposed to the bright lights of the buildings looming over us, and every street scene felt more magnified and bright and expansive.   It was breathtaking.

Would I go back to TikiTiki?  Probably not, unless there was a party or event, because it just felt really far.  Plus, call me crazy, but I like the old, shabby, slightly decrepit feel of the SCAA.  It doesn't feel like bowling unless it's cheap, gritty, a little bit greasy and kind of dirty?!

TikiTiki Bowling Bar
4/F, Centro, 1A Chui Tong Road
Sai Kung, Hong Kong
+852 2657 8488

Reservations are recommended, especially on Friday nights or weekends.  Lanes are HK$300 for the hour, and shoe rentals are $10 per person.  Don't forget your socks!

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