Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Footloose and Fancy Free at the HKSPC "The Never-Ending Story" Gala

This past weekend, Michael and I attended a charity ball for one of the oldest charities in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children.  They host an annual fundraising gala and we attended this year.  We also invited a few of our friends.  It ended up being a really fun night!

 The event was hosted at the Glass Pavilion at the KITEC center in Kowloon Bay, and was full of food, alcohol, a live auction, a dance floor, and performances from children and adults.
 The decorations were crazy-over-the-top and all about the magical fairytale theme, "The Never-ending Story. "

The food was pretty tasty for a huge event like thus but the dessert (it has to be said) was all form over substance.  Given that Lindt was a main sponsor, I was surprised they didn't just opt for a rich molten chocolate cake.

There were two bags full of raffle prizes under the table, ensuring that every participant at the table "won" something.  I pulled an Ascot Chang belt for Michael, which was a stunning stroke of luck because not three hours prior to leaving for the event, he had mused that it was time to upgrade to a new belt.   Michael pulled a cute little coffee mug and saucer set from Julius Meinl (the logo which will never fail to remind me of my time spent living on Bosworth Avenue in good ole' Chicago!) which I immediately claimed for myself.  We also donated to a charity raffle which resulted in my winning the Elie Saab Le Parfum, to which I have already grown attached.
Here the boys are holding up their placards for the auction, conveniently for table 10 (or is it a score of 10 out of 10?)

After all the prizes and a little bit of dancing, we went to the skybar (Ozone) at the Ritz, the tallest bar in Hong Kong.  Those pictures to come in the next post!

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