Sunday, November 20, 2016

Friday Drinks at Ce La Vie

Ce La Vie is the skybar on top of California Tower in LKF that opened earlier this year.  While it is not my typical scene, I have to admit that it was delightful to sit on the plush red benches under the open sky on a Friday evening, albeit with some coworkers, sipping drinks and thinking happy thoughts about the upcoming weekend.
Apparently it costs a couple of grand to rent this roped off area....
The views are nice.
The main problem, though, with the California Tower is their abysmal elevator situation - lines snake out of the building as people wait up to 20 minutes to access the elevators and going down is an equally frustrating exercise in patience.  It's a complete fire hazard and needs to remedied immediately.  You would have thought that the developers of the building would have considered this...

Ce La Vie
25/F California Tower
Central Hong Kong
+852 3700 2300

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