Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Our New Place!

Things have been a bit hectic here as of late!  Michael and I were supposed to go to Yangshuo for the long weekend here (it was the grave-sweeping holiday on Monday, a day to honor your ancestors and visit your dead loved ones), but I had to cancel my trip at the very last minute due to an urgent deal that had to sign over the weekend. So instead of finding myself on a plane at 2:30 pm on Saturday as originally intended, I instead found myself with my booty firmly attached to my desk chair, in front of my computer, feverishly turning changes to documents for the entire weekend.

All of that is an excuse for why this post was so long in coming!  But now we are finally ready for the first part of the unveil.

We recently moved into a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment in a new, nearly full service building.  It has 11' ceilings and lets in a lot of light, and so far we are loving it.  We hosted Michael's parents in this apartment (our first visitors)!

When you come into the apartment, the kitchen is immediately to your right, and then the apartment opens into the dining room and living room.

Right next to the living room we have a cabinet, upon which we have set up a bar, and above which we have placed a wedding present from our friends - a historical picture of the India House, where Michael and I were married.

This is the dining area.

This is the kitchen, which is a separate room and large by Hong Kong standards.  There is a small balcony off the back, where I keep my herb garden.  We have a dishwasher, which is incredibly rare in Hong Kong.
Off of the kitchen is a storage room, where we keep all of our boxes and knick knacks.

We have turned one of the bedrooms into a study, where I have set up my files and typewriter.  I'm still sourcing a cute file box.
Our books line the built-in shelves.  There is a murphy bed built in below the bookshelves, which was nice planning on the building's part.
The other bedroom has been set up as a guest bedroom and for storage.

We have a master bedroom with an ensuite bathroom (pictured here).  The bathrooms are mirror images of each other and pretty tight, though they have good cabinet and storage space.
Our view here is pretty open, giving a rather impressive view of the multitude of buildings all around.
One of our neighbors likes to get up on this roof (which our living room overlooks) and serenade everyone at the top of his lungs… sound carries here.
We overlook a park, which is always busy with pick up basketball games, soccer games and, in the early morning, tai chi.

Ah, Hong Kong living.  So many people, so little space.  This is the closest building to us,
but as you can see, we have a lot of neighbors!
 More pictures to come in the next post.


  1. I love it!! What a great space in such a big and crowded city. I feel like there's totally room for 5 Fikes to fit in there no problem ;).

    1. I'm glad you like it! You guys are welcome to come visit! ;)

    2. If I could ship Cora over in a UPS box to meet us there, we'd totally do it. But if you guys stay over there long enough, we'll definitely be guests one day! That would be such an awesome trip to do with all school age kids!