Friday, April 29, 2016

A Busy Week, Congee, and A Night at the Races

This week has been pretty crazy, what with multiple deals blowing up at work and my mom visiting.

I have discovered a pretty view of the harbor on a path near our apartment - it is a nice walk along the water, from Sun Yat Sen park to the Macau ferry terminal.  There are also palm trees on the path!  We went there after dinner on my mom's first night in town.
 The next day, my mom and I went to a local congee restaurant to get breakfast.  The restaurant was bustling, which is a very good sign.
 It is very old school.  I got the century old egg with pork.  My mom got the fish slices, which came with thin slivers of ginger.  I thought it was very tasty.
 We got fried noodles too.  One of my favorite things is the contrasting color of the plates and bowls.
 On Wednesday night, Michael and I took my mom to the races.  My mom had never been, so we thought it might be fun.  This was our view looking up:
We sat at the Leading Edge balcony, which came with a set meal and unlimited soft drinks and non alcoholic beverages.  It is actually a good deal, I think!

This is our view looking down at the track:
 Great view of the track because it's a full glass partition!  My only complaint is that the outside seating is essentially a bath in a continuous, non-ending stream of cigarette smoke.  I left feeling high and jittery.

Below, some action shots!

I wish I could say that we won big money, but oh well.  Michael won on the first horse he bet and we did get an exciting quinella place.  It was fun.

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