Wednesday, April 13, 2016

A Refreshing Hike - Mt. Parker Quarry Bay

On Saturday morning, I rose bright and early and set off on a nice, refreshing hike with my friend.
We did a portion of the Mt. Parker trail, starting off in Quarry Bay.   The start of the trail is a few blocks away from the Quarry Bay King's Road exit (Exit A).

It looks like you are in the midst of urban markets and walkways as you head to the start of the trail.

There is a small shrine at the start of Mount Parker Road.

And then, suddenly, you are in a different world.
The trail eventually ends in Tai Tam, but we wanted to do a manageable portion before returning to Central for dim sum, so we only did a portion before we turned around.
It was a humid and misty day.  Even though it wasn't hot, and the trail was gentle, it didn't take long before we were working up a heavy sweat.
As we ascended in elevation, the air got foggier and foggier.
It was my first time doing this hike, and I like it a lot for its ease of access, quiet atmosphere, and paved path.  This is the kind of easy hike that does not require much motivation to do, but still poses a decent workout and gives you a lot of steps because of its constant, gentle slope.

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