Friday, April 1, 2016

A New Home, in a New Neighborhood

Moving in to our new apartment has been a work in progress, but so far we are loving our new digs and neighborhood. 

While walking around this weekend, I saw this - whole fish drying on the sidewalk!  Love it.
I may have already taken the tram more times than I've taken it since moving to Hong Kong.  I am still undecided about it for getting to work - it doesn't run as predictably as the MTR.  I might opt to take it at night or on weekends instead.

Pictures of the new apartment coming up next!


  1. It'll be just like HGTV! House/apartment pictures are my favorite :). Also your last vacation looked amazing- so beautiful!

    1. yay! lovely to hear from you. i also recognize your profile pic! :-) hope my apartment pictures don't disappoint (when i finally get around to uploading them, hah).