Monday, April 25, 2016

My Mom is Visiting! And Other Random and More Random Thoughts

Well, this month of April has felt like a breathless, harried sprint toward May.

My mom is visiting tomorrow (squee!) and I have a whole exciting list of things to do (foot massage, manicure pedicures, clay pot rice, local dessert places, a spa session, dim sum, etc.) and we even planned a trip together to Xiamen for the upcoming long weekend.  Fingers crossed that we go without a hitch and that the weather is better when she is here!

Weather continues to be horrible in Hong Kong - gray, humid, wet, rainy.

I've discovered a convenience store with a nice candy selection across the street from my new apartment… and it has the exact kind of sour strawberry gummy that I like.  They sell it at a very reasonable price.  This is very dangerous.

I really need inspiration for work dresses.  Currently been having a lot of those "I have nothing to wear" days.

It's become a little ritual for us to get some flowers in the apartment every week or two weeks or so.  We just got a freakishly tall bunch of stargazer lilies that are almost white but for a few light streaks of pink and blush on the outer edges.

My friend gave me a small bottle of Chloe perfume for Christmas and it has become my go-to scent.  I spritz it on myself almost every morning without fail, and give in to the urge and apply multiple spritzes.

I am loving the Criminal podcast and the Death, Sex and Money podcast (I have been listening to these two and This American Life almost exclusively on my walks around town, and on my tram commute to work in the mornings).

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