Monday, September 22, 2014

The Diner

Back in Hong Kong, but nostalgic for things that are quintessentially American... the Diner seemed like a good place to go this weekend to get a quick fix.  They have a nice website here.

 Their menu offerings are pretty extensive.

They have open air seating on Arbuthnot Road (which is quite pleasant until the buses roar by with their fumes).  But I tried to ignore that.  Unlike a lot of other restaurants in Hong Kong, the diner is very large and spacious.

They have a really nice and well stocked bar, with leather stools along the bar and big, comfortable leather booths along the far wall.
We opted for the sausage scramble and the egg white omelet, respectively, both of which were pretty tasty.  The portions were actually decent, though still a little bit small when viewed from the perspective of just returned from America.  And I very much appreciated that they gave free refills of brewed hot coffee.  I mean, what is a diner without that, right?
 Next time I come I want to try the Limey, which looked very tasty with sausages, baked beans, two poached eggs, bacon, and roasted tomatoes. I like how they serve a lot of the dishes in skillets.
 We ordered a side of fries as well - that was a bit more on the paltry side of things...
Otherwise, nothing too exciting to report here... I spent almost all of my weekend watching videos and learning arcane facts about unauthorised building works and load bearing walls and legal charges and title and waiver of restrictive covenants, none of which helped my jetlag.  Conveyancing in Hong Kong... truly a unique form of torture.

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