Monday, September 29, 2014

Protests Continue in Hong Kong

For those of you following the news, protests in Hong Kong have increased in number and spirit as the student protests, along with Occupy Central, have continued over the weekend, spilling into Monday.  The Hong Kong police deployed tear gas for the first time in ten years.  Admiralty is nearly unrecognizable, the streets and avenues covered with mobs of people.

Hong Kong is usually such an indifferent place, full of people who mind their own business, heads buried in their smartphones, eager to be immersed in the cyclical routine of their daily lives, that these protests have really jarred a lot of the residents here.

Many expressed shock, saying they never expected these protests, in conjunction with Occupy Central, to take on this kind of energy or support.

These pictures from the South China Morning Post are really stunning.  In the first picture of this slideshow, you can see my office building in the back left (lit up in rainbow).  So I guess it is no wonder that we received an email last night saying not to report to work and to please work from home.

I admit I am one of the residents who would have never expected to see riot gear and gas masks here.  It is such a fascinating time to be in Hong Kong.

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