Saturday, September 20, 2014

At Home

When Michael and I were both in NY, we ate at a restaurant in Flushing with some of my relatives.  These were some of the dishes that we had:

  I probably ate most of this crab plate by myself:

On one of the other nights, we ate with my immediate family at a nice sushi restaurant in Great Neck.  This was my deluxe sushi plate:
My eyes are soooo much bigger than my stomach.
Finally, quite a few of my nights at home (when I could manage it at least) consisted of rousing games of lightning speed mahjong with my parents, sister and grandma.  I found that I just loved sitting around with my family, chatting about anything and everything, joking around.  I didn't even mind not winning (though maybe I say that because I am the worst mahjong player in my family...)
This is the pretty remarkable hand played and won by my sister.

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