Thursday, September 18, 2014

Onward to New York… And Back to Hong Kong

This had to have been the most action packed "vacation" I have had in a while.  I looked up today and realized that it had been a week since I last blogged.  I've not only left Fort Worth long ago, I have spent some time in New York and come back to Hong Kong!  I am not sure where the time has gone.

My time in Fort Worth came to a very quick end.  It seemed in no time at all that I was packing my bags and heading to the airport. While in New York, I was on a mad dash to see as many family members as possible.  I also had to go into the New York office for work a few times.  I was also trying to fit in wedding dress appointments and wedding venue visits.  It amazed me how time consuming and tiring it all was.  Yikes!

But look at that view… this is the city that I know and love:
 including these gritty shots from the 7 train:
 The good news?  I accomplished nearly everything on my hefty list.  The bad news? We still have no wedding venue or wedding dress.  Call me picky or call me indecisive, but neither seems to bode well…

Now that my crazy hectic trip is over, I am back in Hong Kong, jet lagged (I never see this side of 6 AM otherwise!) and pretty homesick.  It's actually much easier when I don't go back to the U.S., because I can forget about not seeing my family or missing out on friends'  baby showers or, well, the joys of New York pizza (I can wax rhapsodic about that for many minutes).

In fact… look at those beautiful slices - is there anything better?  A regular slice doused with garlic pepper, oregano and chili flakes, paired with a soda fountain coke… this stuff hits the spot.

While dress shopping my sister and I stumbled upon the Bedouin Tent, a spot she used to frequent when she lived in the neighborhood.  We ordered their babaganoush and a pita (which they rolled out and cooked in their brick oven on demand)… it was so hot and finger licking swoon worthy good.  The goods didn't even last to the corner of the street, we gobbled it down so quickly.
Ok so frankly, I was pretty depressed at the thought of returning to Hong Kong... probably more because I knew I would have a lot of stuff waiting for me upon my return (the OLQE being just one of the looming and seemingly insurmountable items).

My plane (so big right?):
My seat on Cathay:

The amuse bouche they served:

I probably should have been more strategic about my sleep pattern but I figured trying to outsmart jetlag never really works any way.  Knowing that I would be returning to madness at work, I just tried to sleep as much as possible for as long as possible.  Not sure if that was the best strategy, however, because I woke up at 5:43 am today after having woken up at 3:25 am...

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