Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Girls' Weekend in DFW

I had a really relaxing long weekend hanging out with two of my best girl friends from law school in Fort Worth.  It was fun to see a new city and I was pretty ready to just relax by a pool, sipping margaritas, snacking on nachos and soaking in the America that is Texas.

I arrived late Thursday night from Cleveland and was pretty tired and content to do nothing more than plop down on my friend's couch (after a tour of her lovely home) and then promptly shower and fall asleep.  On Friday morning, I woke up early and tried out my very first barre class at the yoga center.  My friend has loved barre for a long time and I was super excited to try a new technique/class.  Holy cow barre is not easy!  But it was really fun and allowed me to discover all kinds of muscles I did not know I had in my thighs and butt and arms.  

After barre, we went to a trendy and hip coffee shop nearby called Avoga that I quite enjoyed.  The coffee was served piping hot and was deliciously smooth and, the best part, super str-o-o-o-o-n-g.  Yum!

We had lunch at McKinley's, feeling very "ladies who lunch" (it was a very good engagement-ring-bling spotting and people and baby watching scene).  I had a huge paleo salad consisting of spinach, roasted chicken, tomatoes, avocado, olives and feta cheese, paired with the tangiest and zingiest lemon dressing.  

My friend then had an epic, and I do mean epic, shopping spree at the University Village shopping center.  It was like she could do no wrong -- she kept finding amazing things that just fit perfectly/completely fulfilled what she wanted or needed.  I kid you not, at the second store we went to she mused that she really would like some blue capri pants, and at the very next store she found the perfect pair that looked amazing on her and fit perfectly.  Sometimes the shopping gods are just with you.  What can you do in that instance but succumb and just, well, buy things?

Our only fail on Friday was driving all the way out to the Dallas Arboretum (and that is a lot of driving) in the late afternoon only to discover at 4:59 pm when we were two miles away that the Arboretum closes at 5 pm.  Aha, it was a classic "oh nooooo" moment.  We had about an hour to kill before we had to go to the airport to pick up our other friend.  Thankfully, though, we managed to find a cool spot at the old bath house in Dallas and relax on a park bench, just catching up on life, friends, family, love.  It was oh so lovely.

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