Saturday, September 6, 2014

Eating in Arizona

I was not as diligent about documenting the various foods that I ate in Arizona as I usually am - I was usually too hungry!

But here are some of the things I ate:

A very light strawberry cake and coffee from a random Japanese bakery (French trained chef though!) in an obscure little parking plaza in Tempe, Arizona.

We went to Gallo Blanco for dinner one night with an old law school friend and his wife.  For an appetizer, we got a most delicious and decadent fried cheese roll.  Is there anything more satisfying that fried cheese??
I got the steak bean burrito.  It was huge:
My sister and I went to Liberty Market for brunch.  The portions were huge.  They served Stumptown coffee (from a huge all-you-can-drink dispenser!  Yessss, thank you America).

 The salad was delicious, with a really zesty lemon vinaigrette.

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