Friday, June 13, 2014

Welcoming Tuffin

We got Tuffin yesterday evening and have been trying to get acquainted with the little guy.  He is so cute!  He has such a compact body but he is also so, so sturdy.  He feels really solid, you know what I mean?

Poor guy, he was all freaked out when we first got him, probably completely confused by all the noise and traffic and dust of Central.

It was also really funny when we tried to get him to climb the stairs of our building up to our apartment with us - after one flight of stairs, he turned around and tried to go downstairs - clearly thinking, "what the heck are you trying to do to me, this is awful!"  After every landing he would turn around and look at us with reluctance, as if checking that we truly had to keep going up.

Later in the night, he seemed quite confounded with the mirror on our bathroom door and kept whining at it.  But we're thinking maybe it's because he really wanted to shower with Michael!

He really is food motivated - you can get him to do practically anything if you give him food.  This is the video his previous foster sent to us, to show you how he adores his food.  I thought it was just adorable.

He spent the better part of the night sniffing everything in sight, likely trying to get himself acquainted with his new surroundings.  Michael and I are thinking whether we should try to teach him some new commands (or maybe even some in Mandarin)!

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  1. I love him!! He is perfectly sized and I'm pretty sure he could fit comfortably in an overhead bin if needed on certain flights to Texas...