Monday, June 2, 2014

Big Wave Bay and Barbecue

This weekend was a public holiday.  We decided to go with some friends to the Big Wave Bay Beach and hang out, then finish with a barbecue on their terrace which would serve as a belated Memorial Day celebration.
Due to an unlikely and incredible alignment of the planets and stars and celestial forces, the weather was, while admittedly scorching, very sunny and not that humid, and we were all happy and grateful.  The crowds that had already turned out at the beach and the droves that kept on arriving by the busload were testament to the popularity of our choice.
While we worship the sun, we also worship the sun respectfully and with keen attention to sunblock.  Here, Michael and friend renting umbrellas.
Sometimes, when you are at the beach and floating in the cold water and looking back at the green hills, it is really hard to remember that you are in Hong Kong.  Give how bustling and fast paced this city is, it is hard to remember that it actually has the fixings for a tropical paradise.  You just have to leave the skyscraper hustle and bustle.
The tide was really low when we were there.  We saw quite a few boats come in and out.  I was slightly envious - it would have been the perfect day for a junk trip.

We had lunch at Rick's, which is a popular and bustling cafe on the beach.
 Their wraps are delicious and I definitely wished I had ordered that over my salad.  Maybe next time.
 After about four hours at the beach that we decided were just about right, we headed home, toasty from the sun and salty from the water, satisfied in that slightly sand sprinkled daze one only gets from the beach.  After a quick shower and some maxin' and relaxin', we headed to our friend's apartment to eat dinner.

They have a cat that is super pretty.  She is a big cat though.  And she has a big, sassy attitude to match.  I quite enjoy it.  During the course of the night, she seemed to really seek me out.  She only liked the chairs upon which I was sitting, and a couple of times she even brushed my legs.  I find this beyond surprising, as my interactions with cats usually include their hissing at me, scratching at me, or else looking bored and put out beyond measure by my presence.  
Here she unabashedly shows off her belly.
Our friends served guacamole and shrimp ceviche with chips.  The shrimp ceviche was amaaaazing.  I think I helped eat half the bowl.  Their chips were supplemented with some healthy flax seed ones, too.
 They had a cute set up to make Pimm's Cups.  The drink was fruity and refreshing, topped up with ginger beer.  I had never had it before and can see why it's at the top of a summer al fresco drink list.
 Dinner consisted of hamburger patties with sesame buns and fixin's (including a very tasty chipotle mayo), grilled corn and a carrot, cranberry and mint salad.

Dessert consisted of watermelon and a very tasty mango sorbet with chopped up kiwis and watermelon.      Delicious!  The dessert came in a yellow polka dot cup paired with a polka dot flamingo napkin and topped with the cutest "Let's Eat!" wooden spoon.  Just delightful.  

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