Saturday, June 21, 2014

Mosquito Destroyer and Dog Magnet

I apologize as I interrupt the humdrum slew of posts to boast about this guy:

You might have never guess it by looking at him, but he is a truly deadly force against evil mosquitos!

He nailed one by throwing a soccer ball at it, killed another one by jumping up off of our bed and smashing it with same soccer ball, and then, just last night, killed a mosquito as it was whizzing by my ear.  And he always gets the darn thing on the first hit.

Is that amazing or what?

This is a hit man I desperately need in my life.  Possibly because I am always the first target when it comes to these pesky bloodsuckers (must be that sweet, sweet blood) but also because well, hot damn, that's just an awesome skill  to possess, is it not?

It leaves me in awe.  As someone who could barely pick up the dodgeball in gym class, never mind having a hope of throwing it to hit anything, I cannot even begin to comprehend how he does this.

The gory aftermath of a swift death and well deserved victory:
 Mosquitoes: 0; Michael 3.  Three cheers!!!

Lest you think Michael is not so good with animals though, let me assure you that Tuffin loves Michael with heart wrenching adoration.  As I watch a TV show with lots of doors opening and closing while typing this post, Tuffin keeps raising his head hopefully and peering at our door, hoping that this time, finally, he will catch sight or smell of his beloved master.

 One of my favorite scenes - the man and his dog, taking a nap.  

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