Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Gardening Update: Batches of Basil

Remember how worried I was about my little basil plants that I bought at the beginning of this year from the flower market?  They were spindly, tender little things that barely could stand upright and their roots were so thin that I worried I could not properly water them.

Well!  Now the three basil plants have absolutely skyrocketed and are bordering on out of control.

I went up to the rooftop this morning and ruthlessly plucked five or six inches off the top of the basil bush (it is no longer a plant).
I think I prefer this kind of basil (I think it is Thai) to the round leafed sweet basil that you more commonly see in the US.

Separately, jasmine have started popping up at local markets here, at only HK$10 a bunch!
I had previously been identifying them as lilies of the valley but that's not correct; these are jasmine buds.  The flowers smell so good that I cannot refuse.  The less good thing is that they have an incredibly short shelf life - lasting maybe only two or three days before the leaves start to wilt and the flower shrivel and turn brown.

Smelling them makes me crave a strong, fragrant cup of tea...

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