Saturday, June 7, 2014

A Night at the Races

We had our summer associate event at the horse races in Happy Valley this past week.  We had a few tables at the Hong Kong Jockey Club's guest box, which was nice but a little far from the finish line.  The best part about the box is probably the no-line no-crowd betting counter, though the balcony outside provides some nice views.  There was a pretty plentiful buffet and all you can drink beverages (but only wine and beer, no hard liquor), but I thought the food was only fair to middling.
Michael started the races with a bang and won on horse 4 in the second race, when he bet that the horse would place.  With 9:1 odds, that was a very exciting win!

I got such a kick out of the names of the horses being substituted in Race 6:


  1. Hi Allison - I love your blog and hearing about all the fabulous meals you have! I am a young professional woman planning a trip to Hong Kong in the fall - any chance I could get some ideas from you on a 2-3 day itinerary? You can e-mail me at annabailie @ Or just post a few ideas on the blog!

  2. Hi AB, thanks for checking out the blog! I'm more than happy to send you some suggestions. There are some must-do's and must-see's and then there are some other things that will depend on your interests. Excited that you will be coming to HK in the fall - it's one of the best times to be here!