Sunday, December 1, 2013

Birthday!! My Big 3-0

You guys, I have just hit three decades (or one and a half score) long on this earth.

Measured against the vast expanse of the universe, my life is but a speck of dust.  Viewed in the context of Comet ISON, my life is but a fleeting blip. 

But when I stare into my own eyes and fold my hands together and contemplate my cells, my heart, my brain, and how they have each worked faithfully day in and day out for years and months and days and minutes and seconds on end, carrying me forward into a steadily lengthening presence on this good earth, the perfection of it all is breathtaking. 

My heart has been beating for 30 years!  How miraculous and, when you pause to think about it, how utterly improbable.  I think I am in shock.

Happy birthday to me.

It occurred to me as I walked to work on the Friday that I might just possibly, maybe... have a huge bouquet of flowers waiting for me at work!  That got me to walk faster.  They gave me a decadent bouquet last year and I was eager to see if it would be a repeat performance.

It was! Ta da. 

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