Thursday, December 12, 2013

Baby Shower at Plantation

Over the weekend, I went to a very good friend's baby shower held at Plantation, which is an event space in Sheung Wan that I have walked by a few times.  The theme was Dr. Seuss, and the ladies did an amazing job pulling everything together with perfectly themed goodie bags, napkins, stickers, table cloths, etc. etc. 
We played a few baby shower activities like "Name That Baby Lullaby," "Taste the Poo" and "All Things Baby", where we had to name baby lullabies, sample various kinds of chocolate, and name as quickly as possible something baby-related for every letter of the alphabet. I found out pretty quickly that I am not so good at naming baby lullabies, pretty hopeless at guessing chocolate, and, compared to the other mamas in the room, have nothing when it comes to naming baby-related items!

But, I am good at eating...

Speaking of that, there was an amazing spread of delicious food catered by Socialito.  Tacos and chips with all the fillings - mmm yum!
There was a really cute section with an amazing cake (look at that hat)!  My friend is having twins -- hence the Thing 1 and Thing 2 theme threaded throughout. 
Cookies and candy awaited everyone at the table. 
Polaroid pictures were taken for a scrapbook, filled out by all of the guests (I thought this was a really great idea).
Everything was so well thought out and I even brought home a little plant.  I love parties!

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