Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Holiday Sparkle

I met up with two of my very good friends, A and J, on my first day back in Long Island, to eat good food, catch up, and shoot the… breeze.

We went to J's parents' place, Venus Restaurant, a most awesome Greek diner/restaurant in West Hempstead, where we ordered spinach pie, chicken souvalkis and gyros with fries and Greek salad.  I had been dreaming about this Greek salad since I had it at least two years ago.  At 3 p.m. in the afternoon when my jet lag is at its most wretched, I probably would have been fine with substandard coffee, but theirs was served very strong and smooth, piping hot and with unlimited refills.  It hit the spot so well.

Afterward, we reluctantly forfeited our cozy corner spot and went on to a nail salon nearby to continue to chit chat away.  Oh, how much fun it was!

I decided to go for a little holiday sparkle.  The nail beautician spoke Mandarin.  I told her I was really enamored with the glitters in the nail polish, considering it was the holiday season.  She chuckled and agreed, noting that "all the little girls love this one"!

Well, I will shamelessly rock my inner five year old princess.

Happy Holidays all and sundry!

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