Friday, December 13, 2013

A Nood Food Juice Cleanse

Update Jan 1, 2014: I have my complimentary vouchers but cannot use them both.  If you are interested  in trying out the 3 day juice cleanse in Hong Kong at a lower cost than retail, please message me or leave a comment and we can discuss.

Pure, the gym that I frequent here in Hong Kong, held a holiday party at one of their yoga studios the other evening and I went because they enticed me with a coupon (I'm so easy).  Plus I really like their fresh squeezed smoothies and juices (produced by nood food) and I figured they would have a bunch of those to sample for free.  I was definitely right about the juices - I skipped their vegan and gluten free snacks and made a beeline for the raw coconut water, beet juice and green juice. 
I also succumbed (without much of a fight, I might add) to the shopping experience and bought myself a peach yoga top.  The back looks like this except it is in a bright coral/peach:

Finally, they had a lucky raffle with a bunch of presents to give away.  The presents started out small (but still really nice) like yoga blocks, yoga straps, yoga mats, yoga outfits (I wanted that one!!), etc. 

The tension kept mounting as they approached the grand prize, which was two juice cleanse packages. 

So...drumroll...I won the grand prize!

That was very exciting... however, it's not exactly the grand prize that I would have asked for.   I know it's worth a lot and it's cool to win something big, especially the grand prize, but... I'm not sure that I want to juice.

Like I told Michael and my friends, I really like fruit and vegetable juices, but, I really, really like to eat solid food.  I think there is great pleasure to be had in chewing (call me crazy!). And, well, I really, really like to drink coffee and eat pasta and make myself a few cups of tea every day. 

Overall, I would say that I feel pretty ambivalent about a purely liquid diet (and no, not that kind of liquid diet!) for three days.  However, I might try it.  Just to see what it's like.  I won two cleanses, so maybe I will convince find a friend willing to do it with me.  Stay posted.

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