Saturday, December 7, 2013

A Visit to the Eyebrow Bar - Shu Uemura

Eyebrows are very important to set off and frame a face.  Many a beauty magazine has informed me that having a well defined set of eyebrows is akin to having a very nice frame for your art.  It adds some zing and pop.  It makes you look neat even when you are not.

A few years ago, I was in the habit of getting my eyebrows plucked and tweezed and shaped routinely.  Since then, however, I have lost the inclination, nor could I ever be bothered to learn how.
The seat
So when I received a voucher for a brow session at the Shu Uemura bar in Queensway Plaza, which is a two minute walk from my office, I decided to give my brows a treat.  For what would have been HK150, she plucked, tweezed and shaped with little scissors, then filled in my brows with a pencil because I have very light brows.  I wanted thinner brows but aparently thick is in, because she tweezed very little.

The tools
I did not think they really did a good job shaping my brows though.  I would be upset if I had actually shelled out HK150 out of my own pocket.  It barely looks like any changes were made. 
Maybe my brows are just so perfect that they do not need any tweaking?
Amidst all of the makeup brushes, I am skeptical. 
A serious picture at the eyebrow bar, before it all goes down. Unfortunately the picture does not do a very good job of showing you my "before" brows.
Back in the office, after.  
I think all that the makeup artist did was tweeze away some barely visible hairs and fill in the ends of my brows, which admittedly can be too light sometimes.
Feeling cheeky

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