Friday, November 29, 2013

On Turkeys and Cupcakes

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Thanksgiving this year was quite epic, culminating in three turkey meals for me (one of which is not to happen until Saturday). I was really sad that I could not be home to celebrate with friends and family in the United States, but the positive aspect of being an expat out in Hong Kong is the multiple over-the-top Thanksgiving dinners, which is just wonderful.

For lunch, I went to a nice Thanksgiving set lunch at the American Club with a few of my (mostly American) co-workers.  We had turkey breast, cranberry sauce, string beans, pureed potatoes and stuffing, followed by a generous wedge of pumpkin pie, whipped cream and ice cream.  The food was almost exactly like last year's Thanksgiving lunch - remember this?

Then for dinner I went to my friend's lovely apartment (I love all of her art and furniture, and I especially love her kitchen, which has an island bar - practically unheard of in Hong Kong).  She also has beautiful china, placemats, wine goblets...all the works to make a perfect sit down dinner.

The dinner menu was extensive and fulfilling, consisting of a beautifully marinated and tender turkey, cranberry sauce, candied yams, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, a tossed salad (of arugula, cranberries, pumpkin and pecans), and last but not least, stuffing! The turkey, stuffing and mac and cheese was catered by Magnolia, a well known and highly praised private kitchen here.

My plate... my first plate.
We also had pumpkin pie from Tai Tai Pie Pies, another very well known and highly praised bakery here in Hong Kong.  The pie was huge, with a thick, generous hand made crust that rose well over the glass dish (which they provide to you for free!  I do love free things, especially of the culinary variety).  Sorry American Club, but Tai Tai's pies are the real deal.  Their crust was so tender and the pie so smooth and creamy that everything just dissolved in the mouth into one gooey moment of pure pleasure.  Unfortunately, I did not get a picture of the pie.  I was full to bursting by the time the pie rolled out but after one bite, made very quick work of the rest of my slice.  It was gone, presto bingo, like that!

I am not kidding about how good the pumpkin pie was - do you see any leftovers on anyone's dessert plate below??

The cupcake caravan

The best part, though, was the 42 Sift cupcakes that lined the table after the pie.  Yes! 42!  There was an abundance of attendees at this dinner with November birthdays, so I had bought half a dozen cupcakes for everyone to share.  However, one of the other birthday girls completely outdid us all by bringing 3 dozen to the party!  Her husband had arranged for the surprise delivery - one cupcake for her for every year. The end result was what I affectionately dubbed the "cupcake caravan". 
Happy birthday to us!
What a sweet ending to a joyous and warmth filled holiday.

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