Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Running Bowen Road

On Sunday morning, I went with some friends to run Bowen Road. 
Post run - I am quite flushed.
I was quite nervous because I am usually not able to run for long periods of time before losing motivation/wanting to quit/getting an unbearable cramp/needing to go to the bathroom/feeling dehydrated and hot/really hating my life.  However, I also knew that it would be very good exercise and a fun chance to hang out with some friends, new and old alike.  Plus, the weather in Hong Kong has also been really beautiful as of late - sunny and clear skies with not a touch of humidity (at least compared to usual) - and who knew how long it would last?

I ran cross-country in middle school (and I still cannot understand why I voluntarily joined the team). To this day I still remember the misery as I eked out the last few miles of a competitive run.  Or how a warmup lap, before all of our drills and exercises and actual runs, was a half mile.  Yuk.

I ran a lot during law school, particularly 1L year (which, looking back on it now, I realize is downright frightening because that just proves how much I hated law school).

Nowadays, if I do go running with someone, I usually go running with Michael, who, well, runs the way you would expect a crazy former Division I decathlete to run.   He runs very fast, has way too much stamina and only knows how to run at his maximum potential.   I mean, what the what??  Clearly I am a more evolved being because I always strive to conserve my energy.  In sum, when I run with Michael, I always feel like I cannot keep up. (Although the benefit of running with him is that I always manage to tap into an extra reserve of energy to whine and complain really loudly.)

Going back to the Sunday morning run, I am so glad I went!  Other than stepping in dog poop (grrrr, curb your dogs people!) and tweaking my ankle pretty severely at the end of the run when I was charging toward the end (I am a negligent runner and never look where I step), I really enjoyed feeling active and productive.  I did not complain at all and I did not even stop!  Woot woot.

Here I am with my running companions!  We are so color coordinated, without even trying.

Maybe I will go on more runs more often!

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