Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Princeton Dinner at the Four Seasons

Last night, Michael and I went to an alumni reception welcoming Princeton's incoming new president, Christopher Eisgruber (Class of 83), at the Harbour View Ballroom in the Four Seasons.  He is the 20th president and the first in 116 years to not have a PhD.  We learned fun facts like that at the dinner.

When I first received the invitation a few weeks ago, I couldn't believe that this was an actual sit-down dinner at the Four Seasons, for myself and a guest, for free.  Sometimes (most of the time?) being a Princeton alum is just awesome.

As expected, the turnout was fantastic.  They reported over 225 Princetonians in attendance - which is actually only half of all Princeton alums in Hong Kong.  I was flabbergasted.  I had no idea there were so many alums in the area!  But, at just over 50% attendance for a Monday night dinner, it was a quite impressive turnout.

A lot of people wore bright orange, which was encouraged on the invitation.  The festivities kicked off with a crowded and jovial drinks reception, followed by a four course dinner (crab and corn cake appetizer, tomato soup, sea bass with chorizo risotto, and an ice cream-filled profiterole dessert) and speeches by the president of the Hong Kong Alumni Association as well as by Mr. Eisgruber himself.  I thought the new president was a very smooth and eloquent speaker, although his voice really, really reminded me of Nicholas Cage!

They had small little pins for everyone to wear, and beautifully printed cardstock at every seat full of facts about the new president.  This university does things so damn well, I can really see why alums love it so.  We had a really great time, met two new really nice couples, and just really enjoyed ourselves overall. 

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