Sunday, November 10, 2013

Flaming King Prawn Hotpot at King's Garden Restaurant

My very good friend from both college and law school (double alum, woot woot!) was in Hong Kong this weekend after an epic three week hike to Everest base camp in and around Nepal.  Her pictures were absolutely amazing and the entire experience sounded thrilling, albeit without some challenges (shortness of breath, cold, and bad toilets being just some of them).  As it happens, when someone comes back from an epic trip I am completely enamored and inspired to go myself... so I'm already thinking about how to get my butt to Kathmandu next spring.

We chattered like magpies, making our way around Hong Kong excitedly catching up.

At night, I took her to King's Garden in Wanchai for hotpot.  This restaurant is really tasty, with very fresh ingredients and a very good mix of sauce options.  It is located in a hotel that also contains a bar, snoooker lounge, karaoke... and, oh yeah, I think there are hotel rooms.

We got the spicy Sichuan hotpot and the flaming king prawn hotpot.  It was epic.  They tossed the clams and shrimp in wine and lit it on fire at the table.  Awesome!

Can you see the flames? 
Sauteeing the flaming shrimp.
Update: my friend's camera is so much better than mine.  I've added some additional pictures!  You can really see the flames in her picture.  You can also see how excited I am to eat hotpot...

 I ate so much that I nearly, almost gave myself a stomachache.  

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