Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Lunch at Beefbar and Typhoon Nida

After the active weekend we had from Katie and Justin's visit, it was officially back to the grindstone for me.

I had lunch at Beefbar with a colleague last week.

I haven't been there before, and I can't say that I was expecting that much, but I really wasn't that impressed.
 I got the scallop starter which was a ceviche with micro greens on top.  The starter was fine.

The entree, however, was very disappointing.  I chose the wagyu beef, which was thin, flat, very greasy and fatty (see the huge patch of fat in the middle and on all sides) and, as if all of that were not enough of a travesty, can I just point out the size of the steak compared to the skillet they serve it in?
 The mashed potatoes were alright - not "Alright!" but "meh, alright."  It's hard to fault creamy starch with a gravy sauce.
 This was the ice cream that came with the set lunch - I did not opt for it, but my colleague said it was decent.  My only comment is that it seems a bit odd to serve a tiny ice cream sandwich for dessert at such a fancy place.  (Can you tell I was not entirely impressed with my meal?)
 In other big news, we just got hit by a big typhoon, Typhoon Nida, and the signal 8 was hoisted in the early evening on Monday.  Nothing like a typhoon day!

The storm was actually pretty heavy, waking Michael and me in the early hours of the morning with the slashing rain and rattling winds.  I suppose a storm waking Michael would not be surprising, as he is such a light sleeper, but for a storm to shake me from the depths of my slumber?  Oh, yeah, Typhoon Nida was not joking around.

Amber rains continued in the morning, and the signal wasn't lowered until nearly 1 pm.  I went in to work shortly thereafter.  Along the way, I saw a lot of wind-torn branches, fallen leaves,  some overturned construction railings, and random bits of laundry in the street.  Given that we had just been remarking at how we haven't had a big typhoon recently, I guess this one came just in time!

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