Thursday, August 11, 2016

Exploring Sai Ying Pun - Indian Curry Express

We have been trying to explore our neighborhood a bit more since moving to this wonderful part of Hong Kong called Sai Ying Pun.  It is an eclectic mix of old and new, Western and Eastern, new and trendy and so-old-that-it's-trendy again.  The longer we live here (we moved here approximately 5 months ago), the more I find myself loving the neighborhood.

There are still many restaurants I want to try, but a recent one we visited, that we really like, is called Indian Curry Express, located on Water Street in Sai Ying Pun.
We ordered vegetable samosas, chicken vindaloo, yellow dal, garlic naan, and tandoori paneer.
The vegetable samosas were served piping hot and were the perfect mix of crunchy just-greasy-enough-to-make-you-feel-guilty deep fried exterior, enveloping a satisfyingly-hearty, chewy interior of potatoes, peas and breaded spices.
The chicken vindaloo was oh-so-spicy, with visible chili flakes studded throughout.  The red was a more vibrant color than I am used to seeing, but I attribute this to the distinctly homemade aspect of the dishes at Indian Curry Express.
The yellow dal was also very good, though it was not as creamy as dal I've sampled elsewhere.  While I may not opt for this dish again, something about the rustic simplicity of this dish made me appreciate it, if for nothing than the knowledge that I was not filling myself with ghee or cream or a combination of both.
The naan at this place was simply out of this world.  Served piping hot, the crispy, crunchy exterior studded with little morsels of garlic contrasted perfectly with the pillowy, comfortingly soft interior.  At HK$15 per naan, it is totally worth it.
The tandoori paneer and vegetables were fine, though a bit bland for my taste.  I think next time I will venture for more of their curry and roti dishes and less of the tandoori styles.
I love the homey feel of this restaurant.  The service is very sweet, the signs and menus are detailed and earnest, and the prices are pretty reasonable.  They had no issues with our bringing in a beer from a nearby convenience store.  (We needed it to cool our taste buds after the vindaloo!)

It is open air seating with two fans blaring, so do not expect anything too fancy...
But I would argue that that is the charm of it all.

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