Friday, August 12, 2016

Happy Friday... and A Loving Ode to My Blue Suede Shoes

Hi everyone, hope you have had a nice summer-y week and that August is treating you well.  It's hard to believe it is Friday yet again, but in addition to the usual TGIF cheer, I find myself in a particularly good mood. 

Today struck just the right balance for me: a conversation with my sister both meaningful and mundane before breakfast (but isn't the ease of switching from topic to topic one of the sweetest and most poignant rewards of an intimate conversation with a close, dear one?), just-the-right amount of interesting and ego-boosting (but not tear-inducing or hair-pulling) work on an exciting new deal, a nice relaxing lunch at China Club (ending with a satisfying fortune cookie that read "Your skill will accomplish what the force of many others cannot"), a perfect chance encounter in an elevator, time enough to fit in a yoga class or a cleansing run on the treadmill, and a jovial, gregarious big group dinner with close girlfriends and friends to look forward to in the evening.

To buoy all of that good feeling, I looked down at my feet today and thought, I really, really love my shoes. They are made by Reiss, a bright blue suede color with pencil thin heel and just a few millimeters' breadth over 3 inches tall (yes, I measured them). 
Michael and I had gone shopping for shoes at Bloomingdale's in New York one fraught morning of our completely and utterly non-relaxing "vacation" last month.  I had forgotten to pack heels.  I packed heels fitting for a wedding, and sandals fitting for the pool, and sneakers for the treadmill, and athletic shoes for a hip night out, but what do you know, I still managed to miss a style of shoe I needed. 

Anyway, while we were walking toward the shoe section, he spotted these stacked on a random table and zeroed in on them from many feet away.  I was reluctant for the usual reasons or perhaps for too many reasons (I have never tried Reiss brand shoes before, I don't know if they're comfortable, do they even make good shoes, suede is such a pain, they are still kind of pricey despite being on sale, and most importantly and once more for good measure, are they comfortable?!) but at his urging I tried them on and...

I am now so, so glad that I did! I wish I had bought more Reiss shoes!

They are relatively high (at least for me) considering that they do not have a platform in the front, but I can wear them for the whole day, and I have worn them around Hong Kong (to meetings and lunches) so I know they are dependably comfortable for a certain distance. 

And I have gotten so many compliments on them!  More than any other pump ever.  The color is very eye-catching and fetching and matches many more items in my wardrobe than I expected.  The back is so cool - they have a V vamp cut out which is subtle but adds just the right whimsical, fashionable touch.

All of this is to say, I want more Reiss shoes (and, this post isn't even sponsored)!  Happy weekend, everyone, hope it is a good one.

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