Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Haircut - An Experience at Kim Robinson's New Salon, kr+

I felt the need to cut my hair recently (and, interestingly, having trolled archives on this blog, I see that the urge to cut my hair seems to correlate remarkably well with typhoon season in Hong Kong) and so, without much further ado or consideration, I took the plunge last week.  I was feeling washed out and drab, and I thought a shorter, sleeker look would help me feel more energized and refreshed.

I have tried out a number of salons in my nearly five years here, from the more expensive and high end to the super budget.  I have never colored my hair, but I have gotten it cut, layered, with a straight fringe, with a side fringe, blow dried, and permed.  I have never really loved any of the salons I have gone to, perhaps with the exception of Paul Gerrard.  But I wanted to try something new, and kr+ seemed like the perfect place.

Kim Robinson is the fancier and more expensive parent store, and kr+ is the recently opened sister store that is meant to attract a younger crowd.  kr+ is located practically in my building (convenient), stylists range from HK$450 to HK$600 (reasonable), and they offer a free fix within ten days (good).

My stylist was a young man who listened attentively when I explained that I wanted a short (but not drastic) cut, that I did not want it to flip out at the bottom because I absolutely hate styling my hair and a few impatient strokes with the brush is about all I can manage, and that I wanted a side part with sideswept bangs.  We got into a slight bit of disagreement into the side fringe - he didn't cut as much of one as I would have liked.  I am still contemplating whether I go back and get a fix.

It has been a few days now, and I am still trying it out, trying to decide.  I have gotten comments and compliments on the new style, so I am pretty happy overall.  It has been a nice change not to have so much pressure on my scalp from the weight of my hair.
Oh yeah... random, but they gave me a t-shirt too.

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