Monday, August 17, 2015

Trip to Boston

My sister is moving in to Cambridge to start law school there in the fall.

Because there is no better time to take a long weekend trip than one week before your own wedding, I decided to go to Boston with my family to help her move in and get settled, as well as to see her new school surroundings and check out some yummy Northeastern seafood.

We went to eat at flour bakery, where I enjoyed their simple, wholesome sandwiches and salads.  Why are these places so hard to find in Asia?

We also went to the North End for some delicious Italian food.

I know it's really touristy and kitschy but oh well.  We were there to show my parents a good time.

There happened to be a street festival with a seafood stand.  My sister and I beelined for it.

I couldn't resist snapping a picture of this HUGE 10 oz. meatball, set against such a patriotic backdrop.

We had plenty of time to check out the street scene and eat our oyster platter, because we were eating at Giacomo's.  This was the line, stretching to the end of the block:

We waited an hour but I guess it was worth it, because of this!  Wow.  Yum.

 We ordered a simple house salad to start:

We also ordered their house special of the night, home made fusilli with lobster and shrimp, in their home made sauce.  This was really, really good.
 I should note that we are also obsessed as a family with rich tomato broth and sauce, so these two sauces (one spicy, one not) were right up our alley.

 After dinner, we of course had to hit up the other most touristy site in town, Mike's Pastry.  I wish I owned a place like this!  Look at all the cannoli flavors on the wall, but more importantly, look at the long lines and the people filling the space!
 We got an amaretto cannoli and a red velvet cupcake to go.

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