Sunday, August 9, 2015

Back in the U.S. of A.!

Back in the US!   For a very long time!  To get married!  But also just to hang out with the family and enjoy some down time.  It feels heavenly.

I took a nearly 17 hour direct flight (albeit delayed) from Hong Kong to JFK on Cathay Pacific.  It was a huge plane - I was in row 22K in business class and I wasn't even at the back of the section.  I have to just pause and gush for one second here about how freaking amazing CX is.  It is more expensive than the other airlines but I think Hong Kong has spoiled me for international travel forever.  I actually look forward to my flight when I'm in business.

I picked up a fitbit charge HR wireless band for my dad from the duty free catalogue (verdict is still out on whether he likes it) but it looks cool on his wrist.

On the flight, I watched Far from the Madding Crowd, which was pretty fantastic, a perfect period piece romance that I am the total sucker for (I loved Mr. Oak from the start), and then started reading this book by Jill Leovy, called "Ghettoside," which is a non fiction book studying a murder case in South Central, Los Angeles, and through this one case study, showing the flaws of the current enforcement system when it comes to black-on-black homicide cases in the worst neighborhoods in the U.S.  It is eye opening and interesting and received a pretty solid review earlier this year.

Around midnight, Ghettoside started getting a little too heavy for me, so I switched it up by starting to watch "How to Get Away With Murder."

Auuugh, I don't know if Michael has rubbed off on me or if knowing even a modicum about law school and the legal process has kind of ruined the show for me, but really!  Could Hollywood be just a little more realistic about this stuff.  1Ls are being taken to the murder scene (which they are allowed to traipse around with impunity, polluting the scene with all of their DNA) which has been miraculously left alone in the home of the suspect who is free to come and go (and touch and toy with the murder scene) as he pleases (as why would you bother to detain the prime murder suspect), as they work for their law school professor (who happens to be the lawyer to such suspect, thereby ruining whatever privilege she has with such client), and find key pieces of evidence (obtained through highly unethical means, and at one point with a witness blatantly perjuring himself), in order to win at trial (which just happens to occur every day)!  Good grief.  It's absurd. That said, I did watch four episodes back to back, so maybe there is something to it after all.

Finally, and one of the jewels of the trip, is that I got to bust out my beautiful new passport holder from Smythson.  My friend was so sweet and picked this perfect present as a departure/wedding gift surprise.  It's perfect!  I feel like such a jet setter with this puppy in my bag.  I kept petting it while waiting to go through customs and immigration in JFK.  It is so smooth and soft and buttery and just lovely.

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