Wednesday, August 26, 2015

NYC Recap

A LOT has happened in the last five days since my last post!  Michael and I are now married!  Wow, that feels weird to say.  We are husband and wife!  Pictures to come in the next few posts.

For now, we are ensconced in Anguilla, which is currently being buffeted by two hurricanes, one right after the other (who said we didn't have good luck when it comes to weather…)

A brief recap:
On Wednesday, with just three days until the wedding, I went into the city and saw my friend for breakfast at Reynard's at the Wythe hotel.  Williamsburg is so different now.
 I then wandered through the farmers' market at Union Square a little bit, marveling at all of the gorgeous flowers and tomatoes (Look at The Tomatoes!!).
I've always wanted to shop for groceries like this… so hippie fabulous.

I miss these markets so much.  Actually, I also miss wide open sidewalks (and you know it's bad when you think Manhattan has "wide open sidewalks"), no humidity, clear blue skies, trees and parks…

I was really struggling with how expensive transportation was on this trip - whether parking, tolls, or subway rides.  I've forgotten how expensive infrastructure is in the US!  But this view… on the FDR…. ahhh, it's nice to be home!

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