Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A Fantastic Hen Do

As promised, blow by blow details and pictures of my bachelorette party in Hong Kong this past weekend set out below.  My friends were so sweet, so detail oriented, so thoughtful!  It was a great party.  And thankfully they didn't bring in any dancers or anything.  Not a dollar bill (or, well, a Hong Kong ten dollar bill, I guess) in sight.  The worst thing that happened was that I had to drink a lot of tiki sour shots (which were very sour!)  But all in all, it was all so fun.

My friends may have forgotten to tell me where to go or what time the party was getting started...but no matter.  Here I am, in the apartment, ready to go.  The  party theme?  Flower power!
 My friend picked me up (I was still clueless) and we headed to... Sparadise!  It's a hard to find spa located on Wellington Street on the third and fourth floors of a building with its front door located in an alleyway.

There was a whole spread waiting for me, including champagne with strawberries, cheese and ham, and chocolate and whipped cream.   I opted for my massage first, reasoning that I could come back up and get my nails done and munch on goodies undisturbed.
After we ladies got our massages (apparently a few of my girl friends had been very nearly woman-handled by their masseuses... eep!) and our respective manicures and pedicures, we took a few silly pictures, I donned my bachelorette sash and flower headband, and we headed to dinner, at Carbone.
My friend went ahead to scatter the table with red rose petals!  And we had our own set of white roses for the table.  Ah-mazing.  It was very romantic.
The set menu is a really good deal here, and you get a ton of food.  This restaurant is clearly a popular place to celebrate, because I think there were a few other birthday parties that night.

During dinner, the girls made me play games -- I had to guess who gave me the advice, I had to guess Michael's answers to questions, and we had to feel around in a bag and guess the various items based on our sense of touch.  Below, pictures with annotations, for your amusement:
My friend: How do you not know the answer to this question?  My thought: I will just smile at my friend and hope she gives me the answer.
My friend: Sigh.  This is the answer.  Me: Really?  How is THAT the answer?
My friend: Yep, this is what Michael said.  Me: I am pretty sure my answer is the right answer.  I protest this game.
Good times.
 The girls worked on a scrapbook for me with all of the polaroid pictures we took during the spa session and dinner, including stickers and sweet, thoughtful notes.

We then headed to Honi Honi, which is a really chill tikki bar.  My friend brought a fascinator for me (also a flower!  Are you noticing the incredibly well organized theme here, people).  I promptly put it on along with my flower crown. Birds of a feather and all that jazz.  Here we are, en route through LKF.
 But first, there were jello shots.
Alas, trouble.  But they were pretty colors.
The girls made me go around Honi Honi trying to find a guy named Michael.  These poor groups of friends and lovers, just trying to catch up and drink in peace... and to be interrupted thus!  Look at the suspicion etched on the faces here.  Can't say I blame them.
I was pretty lucky though, the bar was crowded, Michael is a popular name, and the third group I harassed had a Michael!  Crew member for Lufthansa.  We had a winner.  This spared me a tiki sour shot.  Phew.

After that, Honi Honi got too hot.  We headed out to a club, Boujis, where I bumped into a coworker drinking on the street with his friends.  Boujis was very nice and cold (like a refrigerator), and such a respite after the outdoor roof deck.  We stayed around and danced a little to smoke and mirrors and rapidly changing television screens, gawked at some fantastical interpretative dance and some unbelievably expressive public displays of affection, and then all headed home.

I had a fantastic time!

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