Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Food Court Lunch in Flushing

Flushing continues to amaze me with its speed of change and metamorphosis.  The New World mall has a crazy busy food court.  You seriously have to work to get seats here.  I came here for some quality bonding time with my parents and sister over the weekend.

 These cold sesame noodles are hands down the best.  In a spicy tart peanut sesame sauce with cooked frozen tofu, sliced cucumber and hand pulled noodles, this was my favorite.
 Gotta love the bare bones utensils here.
 The crab roe shanghai dumplings.  This whole thing is only $4.50!  What a bargain.  In Hong Kong half the portion size is double the price.

Then you can do a lot of different variations of spicy dry stir fried pots.  This one is beef with green peppers and assorted vegetables.

Flushing is fast changing - it is a city completely transformed in the past thirty years, and especially drastic changes have been taking place in the last ten.

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