Monday, January 23, 2017

Shoes, More Shoes, and a TV

This past weekend, Michael and I indulged in a little shopping spree...

First, we bought a TV!  It is a 55" Samsung curved 4k Ultra LED smart SUHD television - whew, that is a mouthful.  I can't say that I really know what all of those letters mean, but Michael and I certainly read many reviews and quizzed the employees at Fortress (the equivalent of a Best Buy here in Hong Kong) long enough!

The last TV that we bought was probably from 2009 or 2010, when they were still making plasma TVs and an HDMI hookup was, like, the newest innovation.  Since moving out to Hong Kong, we have lived in apartments that come with televisions, so we just made do with whatever flat screen was offered.  Our current apartment comes with a 39" flat screen Sony, which is perfectly fine, however, it is a little bit small for the space.  Televisions make incredible strides and the image quality and colors seem to improve by the multiples every year.  We figured it was time to treat ourselves.

I feel pretty confident in stating that we got a very good deal, given that it is Chinese New Year and all the shops are running their best promotions of the year.  We got a substantial discount on the asking price and the shop also threw in a Samsung sound system (a soundbar and subwoofer), a subscription soccer (football) package, and a free 32" television, for free.  We clearly don't have a need for another television, but the nice thing is that the shop will buy back the smaller TV from us (obviously at a discount to the market price, but still - it's practically a rebate given that the TV was thrown in for free as part of the promotional package).  On the smaller end of things, they also threw in a few premium HDMI cables and a screen cleaner for free. 

Michael is so excited about his new toys that he has already warned me he may never leave the couch.  I foresee a LOT of soccer matches streaming in our living room in the near future...

The television is being delivered and set up on Tuesday and I will upload pictures of the before and after.  

Then, I purchased a pair of teal Jimmy Choo heels.  They're really pretty and I get a little goofy smile whenever I look at the pencil thin heel and the bright, beautiful color.  We had just gone in to the store on an innocent mission to see if they carried the clutch that Michael bought me for Christmas.  I don't know how it happened, but in what felt like thirty seconds, I had figured out that they had these shoes in my size exactly, they were 50% off, and I was slipping them on "just to see."  It's funny how these things happen.  Before I had even managed to get the shoe on my left foot, Michael was loudly declaring, to the tizzy delight of the salesperson, "Get these!  They're perfect!  Box them up."  From there, it took some persuading (perhaps twenty seconds?) before I cheerfully succumbed and conceded that yep, I did need these in my life.
And finally, to finish off the shopping spree, that same night, Michael found a pair of Adidas soccer cleats that fit well and had the spike pattern that he liked.  It is so rare for him to find a pair of shoes that he likes (the man is so picky) that I knew the retail gods were beaming down on us that day, because he found them immediately, the store had them in his size (also very difficult in Asia), and they were marked down.  I mean, when it's right, it's right!  Shopping can be such a game of luck and opportunity.  He has already worn them for his game last night.
That said, I am preeeeeetty sure our credit card is going to need a rest soon.  I could practically hear it wheezing as I kept slipping it out of my wallet on Saturday...

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