Sunday, January 1, 2017

Dinner with Cousins at Mister Hotpot (鍋大爺)

We always try to do a cousins gathering when my sister and I are back in town, and they're always pretty fun.  This one was a smashing success, and my cousin was even able to bring his two (not so little anymore) kids along.  They brought along their books (Boxcar Children and Harry Potter) and already I see in these two a lifelong love of books (not that I understand that at all!).

We picked Mister Hotpot in Flushing for our gathering this time around, and I was utterly stupefied at how much this town has changed.  Our family has been part of the Flushing community since my grandmother first emigrated here from Taiwan in the mid-1970s, so it's fair to say that we've had a front seat to all of the community developments and actions in the four decades since.  This city buzzes like crazy now - the sidewalks are full of people, and new developments are popping up all over the place at a frenetic pace.

The restaurant was situated in a new complex, One Fulton Place, that I didn't even know existed.  It's beautiful, and houses many restaurants, of which Mister Hotpot (鍋大爺) is one.
We sat at a long table at the back of the restaurant, right next to the large king crab display.  It was a bit gruesome to watch  any time that a patron ordered one, because then we could see the nets come down into the tank, and the crabs fighting desperately to avoid being the unlucky one.  We saw a few crabs live to die another day.
 We ordered two different pots, a spicy pork rind soup and a pork bone broth soup.

 Because we were with mostly boys, my sister, me and my cousin's girlfriend lost the fight for more vegetables over more meat.  We got multiple platters of beef, lamb and pork, and only a few small platters of frozen tofu, watercress, shitake mushrooms and napa cabbage.  Here is our food-laden table:

It was great and I am already looking forward to our next cousins gathering!  The ingredients were very fresh at Mister Hotpot.  The pork bone soup broth was amazing and of very good quality (we each quaffed a few bowls).  At approximately $33 per person including drinks and dessert, this is just as good of a deal as an all you can eat option.  Two thumbs up.

Mister Hotpot
G02, 133-42 39th Ave
Flushing, NY 11354

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